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Why Get Emergency Lighting Installed?


Emergency Lighting is used to show and direct people to the safest way out of a building. Emergency lighting illuminates the primary route of escape in the event of an emergency. In the event of an emergency, the most important thing is that people remain calm. Furthermore, the lack of a clear escape route can cause panic amongst people. This can lead to people being trapped inside the building. For this reason and many others, it is absolutely imperative that the fastest escape route is well illuminated.

As far as legalities go, owners of commercial or public buildings are legally obliged to install and maintain emergency lighting systems inside their premises. In addition to this, strict regulatory requirements laid down in IS3217:2013 (Irish emergency lighting standards) need to be adhered to. This means that property owners are responsible for ensuring that both quarterly inspections and annual tests are carried out. They are also responsible that these are recorded in the appropriate log book.

Peace of Mind

Powerwise will ensure that your emergency lighting system will work efficiently in the event of an emergency. Our skilled and certified RECI registered electricians will service your system regularly, provide detailed reports of any issues found and make all necessary repairs. As a result, this will give you peace of mind.

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Supply & Installation

Powerwise will supply, install and maintain all emergency lighting. We can also carry out audits and supply annual and quarterly maintenance contracts to meet your statutory obligations for the maintenance of the your systems. We also provide an excellent service in installing electrical showers and carry out all plumbing works necessary. Our price is very competitive so please call for a quote.

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Our team can also carry out periodic inspections where required, (insurance reasons etc.)
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